Webstore Grand Opening!

That's right, the long-awaited day is here -- the Bustown Modern webstore is finally open!

To all of our clients, friends + family --

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for help making all of this possible. 8 years ago we started this business with literally $25 dollars that, at the time, meant the difference between paying a bill or having our cell phones shut off. And shut off they were 2 weeks later... and for the next 2 years to be exact. But without all of you and that initial $25 investment (plus thousands of hours of research + work), Bustown Modern wouldn't be what it is today. We hope to continue blowing your minds each week with the most outrageous vintage finds for as long as you'll let us. You've made our vintage dreams come true – now let us do the same for you!


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    1. Congratulations! You have outdone yourselves. This is the best collection of vintage I have ever seen.

      Cheers to the new site and to the move off eBay!

      XX Lindsay
      Thrifted & Modern