Ikonic -- Norma Kamali on Her Own

The OMO line (short for "On My Own") was launched in 1979 shortly after Norma + her long-time husband/business partner split. Talk about stepping out to shine on one's own! Check out this article from the September, 1979 issue of Cosmo (courtesy of Norma's own Tumblr) featuring the beautiful Ms. Kamali wearing the set herself! I'm a huge dog lover but even her lovely little doxie can't sway my view from those PANTS.

These incredible pieces of fashion history are available at http://www.bustownmodern.com


  1. Brilliant and bonkers all rolled into one!
    You find the most awesome garments it has to be said.
    Best of luck with the new website, I'm absolutely certain that it will be a rip-roaring success.

  2. Please hire me. I will work for you forever. I promise.