Chins + Big Eyes

Japanese Chins are one of the oddest, most wonderful dog breeds. Extremely cat-like, they're independent, love to sleep in high places (like the top of your head) + clean themselves with their paws. We were fortunate enough to have been blessed to share our lives with our own little Tokyo Rose, Bumble. It's hard to believe it's only been three years since we lost our little love. Today would have been her 18th birthday so, in honor of her, here's a little Chin-centric fashion inspiration.

The incredible Valentino Spring/Summer 2005 ad campaign by Steven Meisel featuring model Jessica Stam, Japanese Chins + some Siamese cats

The Valentino SS 2005 campaign was heavily inspired by the paintings of Margaret Keane. Keane's work has recently been in the spotlight after the release of the Tim Burton movie, Big Eyes starring Amy Adams + Christoph Waltz.

After the distractions of cats, crying girls + big eyes, we get back to what's important -- Japanese Chins. Once again, it's Steven Meisel harnessing the star power of Chins for the F/W 2011 Louis Vuitton ad campaign.