Reduce, Reuse, Moschino

From his earliest collections, Franco Moschino used his successes as a platform to push for positive change. His often used his signature tongue-in-cheek humor to champion more serious causes of peace, equality, HIV awareness and other social issues. Prior to his death in 1994 and continued in the following years, was a particular focus on environmental issues.

In 1995, a line of swimwear was launched with graphic text urging us to "Save Our Seas" and "Stop Using Our Oceans as a W.C."

Image courtesy of Moschino by Lucia Stoppini

Iconic Moschino "Nature/Future" suit, early to mid-90's | Image courtesy of Hapsical

For what turned out to be Franco's final collection, Moschino became one of the first fashion houses to launch an Ecocouture collection made entirely of environmentally responsible materials under their "Nature Friendly Garment" label.

Image courtesy of Leslie Hindman Auctioneers

Now under the reigns of Jeremy Scott, Moschino is still making a statement. While more a comment on marketing and capitalism, it can be argued that much of his debut collection, by repurposing fast food packaging, is also making a statement on our throw-away society and our need to reduce and reuse.

In the perfect balance of Moschino's use of humor to poke fun at fashion while also promoting a worthy cause comes this incredible c.1999 piece from the short lived Moschino LIFE (Love, Irony, Freedom, and Energy) line.

Rare Moschino "Recycle" Trash Bag Dress. Absolutely incredible find - we've never seen another for sale anywhere! Coated cotton "sack" construction with gathered, standing neckline + rectangular "paper-bag" like sides. Recycle is written upside-down in metallic silver. Gives new meaning to the phrase "sack dress."

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