Scaled Luxury

Since the dawn of mankind, our histories have been intertwined with snakes. The serpent has long been a source of mysticism + mystery, a symbol of the exotic, the occult + the macabre.

The Downfall of Adam and Eve and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden,
part of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo

1754 political cartoon by Benjamin Franklin

It wasn't long before snakes became not only a symbol of the exotic, but also a symbol of luxury. Since then, snakeskin covered shoes, boots, purses + wallets have been coveted fashion accessories.

c.1870 Victorian snakeskin + sterling silver wallet, Davis Antiques

1940's snakeskin handbag + shoes set (courtesy of Bags of Style)

1970 Norma Kamali snakeskin skirt + spats, Harper's Bazaar

1970's Arnold Scaasi snakeskin + lynx coat, Metropolitan Museum of Art

1983 Karl Springer snakeskin console table, Wright Auctions

A/W 2011 Gucci snakeskin + fox fur jacket

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