One Jacket to Rule Them All

When it comes to leather jackets, there are only a few names worth mentioning. East West, North Beach, Oshwahkon and, of course, Gandalf the Wizard. Gandalf jackets were hand-crafted in Detroit, Michigan by Bruce Costair and company + were staples of the 70s rock scene. His iconic patchwork prints look every bit as badass today as they did then.

Superb 1970s Gandalf The Wizard leather jacket. Ultra rare find – people literally spend years trying to find these Gandalf patchwork jackets! I have one in my personal collection and was tempted to keep this one too! AMAZING floral patchwork pattern that is THE MOST sought after Gandalf pattern made ONLY by the Detroit company! Zippered pockets + sleeves. Puffed shoulders. Zip front. Ultra fitted with vented back. PRISTINE vintage condition – truly looks unworn.

Available at http://www.bustownmodern.com

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